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Academic Probation

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Credit/No Credit

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Course Withdrawal/Term Withdrawal

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Grade Forgiveness/Course Repeat

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Appeal Process

To appeal a DQ, ICMA or other college-specific academic decision, please follow the specific protocol indicated. View Appeal Process protocol



The Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) is a writing skills degree requirement and students must be minimum junior standing (90 units or more) to qualify. Details can be found at the Writing and Rhetoric Center (Writing and Rhetoric Center).



The U.S. Cultural Pluralism Requirement (USCP) to fulfill a bachelor’s degree. Some courses will fulfill both General Education requirements and the USCP requirement. USCP courses can be identified on PASS, and on the site: USCP webpage.

Catalog Rights

Students have the right to select any catalog (curriculum) at the time of university entry, as long as attendance has been consistent. Transfer students may use any catalog from the time they entered the higher education system until graduation, as long as they have not broken enrollment. If a change of catalog is requested, work with an advisor to clearly understand the differences in curriculum.

Course equivalency

If a student takes a course at a different school, it is important to make sure the class transfers back into Cal Poly and fulfills a specific requirement. The website: lists articulation agreements between California schools. If courses were taken outside of California, consult with the Registrar’s Office (if it is a GE Requirement) about transfer credit, or consult with a Departmental Faculty Advisor (if it is a major-specific requirement) to verify articulation.

Online Courses

Online courses are available through the database: 
Once a course of interest is identified, be sure to use, or contact the Cal Poly Registrar’s Office to ensure course equivalency.


To request transcripts of courses taken elsewhere, the Registrar’s Office (at the other institution) needs to be contacted. Transcripts need to be sent to the Cal Poly Registrar’s Office for articulation and entry. Do not forget to request transcripts or you will not receive credit for the completed course.



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