CAFES Graduate Program Coordinators


Graduate Degree/Specialization

Name & Contact Information

CAFES Graduate Coordinator

Jim Prince 11-211, 756-2161,

Master of Agricultural Education

Ann De Lay, 10-236, 756-7272,

M.S Environmental Sciences and Management

Chris Surfleet, 180-518, 756-2743,

M.S. Food Science

Luis Castro, 24-109, 756-2804,

M.S. Nutrition

Aydin Nazmi, 11-245, 756-6183,

M.S. Ag, Animal Science

Fernando Campos, 10-101A, 756-6337,

M.S. Ag, Dairy Products Technology

Vincent Yeung, 10-133, 756-6154,

M.S. Ag, BioResource & Agricultural Systems

Greg Schwartz, 08-123C, 756-0303,

M.S. Ag, Crop Science

M.S. Ag, Environmental Horticultural Science

M.S. Ag, Plant Protection Science

Ben Hoover, 11-251, 756-6358,

M.S. Ag, Irrigation

M.S. Ag, Water Engineering

Dan Howes, 08A-33E, 756-2347,

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