Animal Science Department

Cal Poly Animal Science boasts one of the most comprehensive hands-on programs in the nation and is known as a national leader of undergraduate training in animal nutrition and reproductive physiology. Nearly half of our alumni go on to veterinary or graduate school, while other graduates go into careers in animal biotechnology, animal facility management and feed manufacturing for prestigious companies like Cargill, Inc., Mars, Inc., Leprino Foods or in the pharmaceutical arena with companies such as Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Bayer.

Learn by Doing isn’t just a motto. Our students gain experience foaling horses, breeding cows, raising broiler chickens and quail, riding and training horses, running a vet clinic and much more. Undergraduates are doing research in our biotechnology labs and performing tests in animal nutrition and husbandry. More than twenty hands-on courses, called enterprise classes, help create a dynamic learning curriculum designed for flexibility so students can mold their educational experience to best fit their interests and career goals.

Cal Poly’s intensive hands-on learning environment, including enterprise projects, animal unit management and undergraduate research opportunities, gave me a strong foundation of knowledge and experience that has truly paid off in the workplace.

— Laura Unrue, animal science graduate

            Animal Science
            Dairy Science
            Equine Science
            Dairy Industries
            Meat Science and Processing
            Poultry Management
            Rangeland Resources
Areas of Study:
            Pre-Veterinary Medicine
            Food Animal Production
            Animal Biology Studies
            Equine Science
            Poultry Management
            Rangeland Resources
            Meat Science & Processing
Graduate Programs:
            Master of Professional Studies in Dairy Products Technology
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Department Office:
Building 10 Room 141

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