Agricultural Operations Facilities

Campus Farm

The campus farm is a diverse farming operation comprised of organic and conventional row crop production, orchard and vineyard production, beef cattle production, swine productin, sheep and goat production, poultry production, a composting operation, and ornamental operations.

Associated with these production operations are the following agricultural facilites located on the campus farm: Equestrian Center, Animal Nurtition Center, Meat Processing Center, Beef Cattle Evaluation Center, Learning Tree Arboretum, Logging Team Competition Facilities, Veterinary Clinic, Rodeo Team Arena and Training Facilities, and a training area for farm tractor operations.

Agricultural Operations is responsible for providing day to day support to each of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences' 10 departments' staff, faculty and students. With that support comes the responsiblity for maintaining various aspects of the farm. From irrigation system maintenance and improvements, to manure management, fencing, roads, water quality management and silage production for the dairy, Agricultural Operations provides a diverse level of support to the daily operations of the campus farm and ranchlands.

Resource Management

Cal Poly's agricultural land holdings total over 6,000 acres consisting of the campus farm and ranchlands.

Agricultural Operations is responsible for irrigation water management, irrigation delivery systems, livestock water supply and delivery, fencing, road maintenance, land use management, manure management, compost management, water quality management, and hay and silage production. These responsiblities are directly tied to maintaining productive and sustainable agricultural resources that support Cal Poly's Learn by Doing education and the future success of students.

Chorro Creek Ranch

Chorro Creek Ranch has been part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences since the early 1960s. The ranch consists of over 500 acres that supports the Gallo Vineyard, forage hay production, and rangeland forage for beef and cattle production. The ranch is also home to the Aeronautical Engineering Department's educational flight range.  The Agricultural Operations Department works closely with the Animal Science Department's beef cattle operations as well as the Horticulture and Crop Science Department's Gallo Vineyards operations.

Chorro Creek Ranch is one of three ranches within Cal Poly. It is located five miles west of the main campus on Hwy. 1.


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