Agricultural Operations Student Assistants

Agricultural Operations hires paid student assistants to help staff with day to day operations. 

Summer quarter: AO hires 10-12 student assistants to work full time. Fall, winter and spring quarters: AO hires part time positions to allow students to gain work experience and skills while going to school.

Work experience gained while students are employed with AO include: 

  • Irrigation
  • Composting production
  • Shop
  • Fence building
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Tractor and equipment operations

Silva Internship Endowment

The Edward W. Silva Sr. Memorial Internship Endowment was established by his family in 1989 upon the passing of Mr. Silva as a way of honoring him. 

The endowment started providing internships to students in 1999 and continues to offer students the opportunity to have the Learn by Doing experience at Cal Poly.

The internship is awarded to exceptional student assistants recognized by the Agricultural Operations staff each year. The internship provides recipients the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and expand their work skills.

The internship is celebrated each fall quarter at an annual awards luncheon.

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