College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee


The CAFES Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is a standing committee focused on diversity efforts and initiatives in the college. The committee serves as an advisory body to the Dean’s Office and develops diversity related goals, strategies for achieving those goals, and methods for measuring progress. 

The committee is comprised of faculty from all of the college's nine departments, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students.


  Member                Department Contact

Ann De Lay

Committee Chair

CAFES Faculty Fellow
Samir Amin Food Science and Nutrition
Assoc. Professor
Darin Bennett Animal Science
Asst. Professor
  Angel Carrillo Student
  Federico Casassa Wine and Viticulture
Asst. Professor
Richard Cavaletto Executive Associate Dean
Cristina Connolly Agribusiness
Asst. Professor
  Jean Dodson Pedterson Wine and Viticulture Professor
  Erin Gorter Agricultural Education Staff
Jerusha Greenwood Experience Industry Management
Assoc. Professor
Bree Hugins Food Science and Nutrition
Dept. Coordinator
Dianne Korth Academic Advisor
CAFES Advising Center
Shereen Langrana Sr. Manager of Personnel
Haley Marconett Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives
Marnie Perry CAFES Dean’s Office Coordinator
  Siroj Pokharel Animal Science Professor
Greg Schwartz BioResource and Agricultural Engineering
Asst. Professor
Ashraf Tubeilah Horticulture and Crop Science
Asst. Professor
Priya Verma Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences
Assoc. Professor
Espie Wilkinson Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences
Dept. Coordinator

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