Homecoming 2018

Chantal Herrera, a first-generation college student studying agricultural communication, was named to the 2018 Homecoming Court. Herrera grew up harvesting lettuce and strawberries next to her father, getting the hands-on experience of hard work, and learning to appreciate where food comes from. In high school she did livestock judging and showed market hogs at the county fair. For the past two summers she’s traveled to 31 of 50 states in the U.S. as a John Deere Marketing/Customer and Product Support Intern. “Thanks to the hand-on experience I have gained through harvesting crops, FFA and courses here at Cal Poly, I demonstrated that I was prepared to receive a full-time position with John Deere starting in January 2019,” Herrera said. “I’m excited to continue traveling the rest of the U.S. and eventually abroad with John Deere. They say to “Grow where you are planted,” and I have grown so much personally and professionally here at Cal Poly. I am truly looking forward to the continuous opportunities of growth after graduation.”

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