Programs of Study

The College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences offers a Master of Agricultural Education; and four M.S. degrees: M.S. Food Science, M.S. Nutrition, M.S. Environmental Sciences and Management, and M.S. Agriculture with 8 specializations.

The specializations for M.S. Agriculture are: BioResource & Agricultural Systems; Animal Science; Crop Science; Dairy Products Technology, Environmental Horticultural Science; Irrigation;  Plant Protection Science; and Water Engineering. Although the program offers multiple specializations, there is a single degree; students may not earn more than one Master of Science degree in the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences.

Program Learning Outcomes(PLO’s) for the MS in Agriculture

  1. Demonstrate expertise in their respective discipline.
  2. Develop, test or select the appropriate technology in their respective discipline.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  4. Formulate decisions utilizing professional ethics.
  5. Value the diversity of people and ideas.
  6. Investigate problems using critical thinking and derive appropriate solutions.

Master of Agricultural Education
M.S. Food Science
M.S. Nutrition
M.S. Environmental Sciences and Management
M.S. Agriculture - with concentration in one of the "Specializations"

The thesis is based on independent, supervised research; students should contact individual departments to determine the availability of funding support for their research. The final copy of the thesis must meet the standards explained in the "Manual of Instructions for the Preparation and Submission of the Master's Thesis or Master's Project" available from the Cal Poly Graduate Education Office. At least one course in statistical methods and/or experimental design is required of students in a thesis-based curriculum.

Graduate students must file the Working Formal Study Plan for the degree with the Graduate Coordinator of the College of Agriculture no later than the end of the quarter in which the 12th unit of approved courses is completed. The Working Formal Study Plan must include at least 45 units of committee-approved graduate coursework; at least half of the minimum units required must be at the 500 level. Students should refer to the course descriptions in this catalog for credit limitations of individual courses; for example, total credit for AG 500, Individual Study, is limited to six units. At least one course in statistical methods and/or experimental design is required of students in a thesis-based curriculum.

All candidates must meet the Graduation Writing Requirement per the Cal Poly catalog.

Support for graduate students in thesis-based degree programs may be found at the Kenndey Library Policies for Master's Theses and Project Reports.

For immediate assistance please call:
Dean's Office at 805-756-2161.

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