JUSTIN and J. LOHR Center for Wine and Viticulture Winery Fermentation Tanks

The JUSTIN and J. LOHR Center for Wine and Viticulture, a completely donor-funded project, is set to be complete in summer 2021. The two-building complex includes a teaching, research and production winery and a building with a large events hall and labs for enology, viticulture and sensory analysis.

Cal Poly has the largest undergraduate wine and viticulture program in the country, with nearly 300 students. This new facility will increase hands-on teaching opportunities and expand research partnerships with the industry.

Final touches are underway, including the installation of the fermentation tanks. In the E. & J. Gallo Winery and Family Building, several of the labs are complete, while the Swanson Center of Effort Conference Hall, the Keith Patterson Learning Lab, and the Richard K. Sauret Student Offices are under construction.

A campaign to name each tank in the winery before the grand opening was recently launched, with a goal to raise $1.28 million to support enhanced Learn by Doing opportunities for students. Students will gain hands-on experience using the fermentation tanks to make Cal Poly’s branded wines and their own experimental varietals and blends.

Donors who name a tank will be recognized with a plaque affixed to the tank. We are grateful to those who have already donated, including Coastal Vineyard Care Associates, Wente Family Estates, and the Hill Family.

There are three types of tanks available to be named. All gifts are payable over five years.




For more information, contact Allyson Dela Cruz, director of development, at 805-305-5268 or at adelac20@calpoly.edu.


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