Ag Operations

Agriculture Housing offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience working in positions of responsibility at campus agricultural production units. Students support these campus operations year-round. A handful of students remained on campus during the spring quarter to ensure that operations continued as needed. Alumnus Jake O’Dello (Agricultural Science, ’15) treated the more than 60 students to lunch (twice!) to thank them for their dedication.

In my decision to stay, 500 dairy animals and a family culture made it simple. Regardless of the state of our country, the one thing we can agree on is the necessity to eat. Providing a product that serves others while being able to Learn by Doing allowed me to help during this time. From animal husbandry to business practices, the dairy offers the closest experiences to industry standards I can get in college.”

-Genevieve Regli, agricultural communications sophomore

After only two years at Cal Poly, I already feel as if I have more opportunities, friends, support and fulfillment here in San Luis Obispo than I have ever had — and my experiences revolving around my department and living at the Horticulture Unit are largely to thank for that. One thing I love is having my backyard be a fully operational facility/program doing the exact things my academics aim to prepare me for. Plants can't exactly be paused, cancelled, watered remotely or grown last-minute. I stayed living on campus to help keep the many things I was part of going, all the while recognizing how absolutely incredible of a learning and growing opportunity it all was.”

-Henry Main, agricultural and environmental plant sciences junior

Did you live and work at one of the student agricultural housing units such as the Swine or Horticulture Unit? If so, share your story and photos with us for the chance to have it highlighted on our Instagram @calpoly_cafes. Send it to AnnMarie Cornejo at


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